Syllabus-PCS (Judicial Branch) Examination, 2013

Punjab Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Examination, 2013

Paper-I : (Civil Law)
Code of Civil Procedure, Punjab Courts Act, Indian Contract Act, Indian Sales of Goods Act, Indian partnership Act, Specific Relief Act, Transfer of Property Act 1882, East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act 1949 and Indian Evidence Act.

Paper-II : (Civil Law)Hindu Law, Mohammedan Law and Customary Law, Law of Registration and Limitation .

Paper-III : (Criminal Law)
Indian Penal code, Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Evidence Act.

Paper-IV : (English Language)English Essay (1000-1100), Precis, Words and Phrases (make sentences of the given words and phrases), Comprehension, Corrections.

Paper-V : (Punjabi Language)
Punjabi in Gurmukhi Script.

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