Important Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers MCQ

Important Indian History Questions and Answers for General Knowledge of SSC CGL, UPSC, IBPS, MAT, CAT and other competitive exams.

1. Who said the following ‘‘the British empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction and tyrannical and mean’’ ?
(A) Mrs. Annie Besant
(B) W. Digby
(C) Sister Nivedita ✔
(D) William Wedderburn

2. The term ‘Congress’ was derived from–
(A) Irish history
(B) British Commonwealth
(C) The name of the American Parliament
(D) The history of North America 

3. Who founded Indian National Congress on 1885 ?
(A) A.O. Hume 
(B) J. L. Nehru
(C) Willaim Wedderburn
(D) J.R.D. Tata

4. An association which merged with the Congress in 1886 was the–
(A) East Indian Association
(B) Indian National Conference 
(C) British Indian Association
(D) Indian League

5. Badruddin Taiyabji was an active member of–
(A) Communist Party of India
(B) Jansangh
(C) Indian National Congress 
(D) Muslim League

6. Who among the following never became President of the Indian National Congress ?
(A) B. G. Tilak
(B) S.C. Bose
(C) G.K. Gokhale 
(D) Annie Besant

7. Which of the following may be considered drawbacks of the early phase of the Congress activities ?
I. Preservation of caste and communal considerations presenting mass involvement.
II. It was confined to the educated middle class.
III. No proper understanding of the exploitative nature of British economic policies.
IV. Misplaced faith in the benevolence and fairmindedness of the British rulers.
(A) I and IV
(B) II and III
(C) I and II 
(D) III and IV

8. Who was the first Englishmen to preside over a Congress session?
(A) George Yule 
(B) Dufferin
(C) W. Wedderburn
(D) None of these

9. Who is known as the Father of Indian Unrest ?
(A) Dadabhai Nauroji
(B) G. K. Gokhale
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 

10. The number of delegates who attended the first session of the Indian National Congress, was—
(A) 750
(B) 75
(C) 720
(D) 72 

11. Arrange the following in chronological order–
I. Surat split
II. Partition of Bengal
III. Foundation of Muslim League
IV. Congress session drafts its constitution
(A) IV, II, III, I
(B) III, II, I, IV
(C) II, IV, III, I
(D) II, III, I, IV 

12. Who attended the imperial durbar of 1877 dressed in hand-spun khadi ?
(A) M.G. Ranade
(B) Rabindra Nath Tagore
(C) Ganesh Vasudev Joshi 
(D) Hakim Ajmal Khan

13. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of independence ?
(A) J. B. Kripalani 
(B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(D) Jawahar Lal Nehru

14. In which of the following session of Indian National Congress the resolution of Swadeshi was adopted ?
(A) Madras session of 1903
(B) Bombay session of 1904
(C) Benaras session of 1905
(D) Calcutta session of 1906 

15. Arrange the following events in chronological order on the basis of codes given below :
1. The Surat Congress
2. March from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi.
3. Rowlatt Act
4. Gandhi-Irwin Pact.
Code :
(A) 3, 2, 1, 4
(B) 1, 3, 2, 4 
(C) 2, 1, 3, 4
(D) 1, 2, 4, 3

16. When did the British pass a law making it an offence to preach nationalism ?
(A) 1892
(B) 1898 
(C) 1900
(D) 1904

17. Mahatma Gandhi was the President of Indian National Congress only once at–
(A) Allahabad
(B) Guwahati
(C) Belgaun 
(D) Kakinada

18. Which of the following events was the last in chronological order?
(A) Home Rule Movement
(B) Khilafat Movement
(C) Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre
(D) Mopala Revolt 

19. Which of the following Muslim Leaders was not one of the founding fathers of the All India Muslim League ?
(A) Nawab Moshin-ul-Mulk
(B) Maulana Abul KalamAzad 
(C) Aga Khan
(D) Nawab Salimullah of Dacca

20. The first President of Muslim League was—
(A) Salimullah Khan 
(B) Aga Khan
(C) Mustaq Hussain
(D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

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