First in India

Regular Decadal Census—Since 1881
Warship Aircraft Carrier—I. N. S. Vikrant
National Nuclear Power Submarines—I. N. S. Chakra
Football Club—Mohan Bagan–1889
Hydro-electric Project—Shiv Samudram (1902)
Newspaper—Bengal Gazette (James Hikki)
Vernacular Daily—Samachar Darpan
Hindi Newspaper—Udant-Martand
Telegraph Line—Diamond Harbour to Kolkata (1853)
International Telephone Service—Mumbai to London (1851)
Television Centre—New Delhi (1959)
Colour Programme from T.V.—15th August, 1982
Silent Film—Raja Harish Chandra
Talky Film—Alam-ara
Satellite—Aryabhatta-19th April, 1975
Atomic underground test—Pokhran (18th May, 1974)
Test tube baby—1986 born baby Harsha
Country made missile—Prithvi (1988)
Antarctica mission—1982 under the leadership Dr. S. Z. Quasim

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