Countries and their Major Industries

Countries and their Major Industries
Afghanistan—Carpets, wool, dry and fresh fruits.
Australia—Wheat, wool, meat, dairy products.
Austria—Machinery, textile, leather goods.
Belgium—Glass, textiles.
Canada—Wheat, machinery, newsprint.
China—Rice, tea, silk, iron and steel, oil refining.
Cuba—Sugar, Tobacco.
Denmark—Dairy products.
England—Textiles, machinery, medicines, motor cars.
Finland—Textiles, paper.
France—Textiles, silk, wine.
Germany—Machinery, iron and steel goods, equipment and transport equipment, chemical products, refrigerators, television, washing machines, lenses, radio etc.
Ghana—Gold, manganese, coffee.
India—Sugar, hides and skins, mica, manganese, tea, lac, jute, textiles.
Indonesia—Sugar, spices, rice, oil, rubber, cinchona.
Iran—Petroleum, dry fruits, carpet.
Iraq—Petroleum, dates.
Italy—Textiles, mercury.
Japan—Automobiles, machinery, textiles, toys, silk, hosiery electronics.
Malaysia—Tin, rubber.
Mexico—Silver, petroleum.
Netherlands—Machinery, electrical goods, aircraft.
Russia—Heavy machinery, petroleum, iron and steel, chemicals.
Saudi Arabia—Oil and dates.
Sweden—Matches, timber.
Switzerland—Watches, electrical equipment.
Taiwan—Rice, Camphor.
South Africa—Gold and diamond mining.
U.S.A.—Automobiles, machinery, coal, wheat, petroleum.
Vietnam—Tin, cinchona, rubber, rice and teak.
West Indies—Sugar, tobacco.

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