Interview Question Bank and Answers (Part-3)

जवाब- कमरा नं.-3, क्योंकि 3 सालों से भूखे शेर अब तक मर चुके होंगे

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131. What is the significance of Sanskrit in the age of globlisation and science? (IAS, 2000)

132. What is the difference between G-7 and G-15 ? (IAS, 2000)

133. What was the role of Allahabad in the freedom struggle? (IAS, 2000)

134. Tell us about the background of Kumbh festival in Allahabad? (IAS, 2000)

135. What are the provisions in the constitution for freedom of religion ? (MPPCS, 2000)

136. How far is it correct to provide economic help to the religious minority by the Administration ? Is it unnecessary expenditure on the public fund? (MPPCS, 2000)

137. What is National Security Act? (MPPCS, 2000)

138. What is TADA? Do the provisions of TADA violate the principle of Natural Justice? (MPPCS, 2000)

139. What is Anticipatory Bail? Who can procure this kind of bail ? (MPPCS, 2000)

140. Can the President be arrested? (MPPCS, 2000)

141. What is disinvestment? Should disinvestment be done? What are its merits? (MPPCS, 2000)

142. What are the steps that administration takes to protect the interests of the employees in disinvestment? (MPPCS, 2000)

143. What are the provisions of reservation in Panchayati Raj ? (MPPCS, 2000)

144. Tell us about the measures to remove the financial irritants between centre and the states? (IAS, 2001)

145. Compare the income sources of the centre and the states. (IAS, 2001)

146. What is ocean pollution? (IAS, 2001)

147. What is the utility of different projections in a map? (IAS, 2001)

148. Tell us about the contribution of V.P. Menon? (IAS, 2001)

149. What is the role and responsibilities of an IAS officer? (IAS, 2001)

150. What is the inter-relationship between economics and politics? (IAS, 2001)

151. What is the role of F.C.L. ? (IAS, 2001)

152. What is the difference between central excise and state excise? (IAS, 2001)

153. What is the role of nonalignment in the present unipolar world? (IAS, 2001)

154. How is cleaning of Gomati related to Ganga welfare project? (IAS, 2001)

155. What is the future of co-operation institutions in India? (IAS, 2001)

156. Why is objectivity not possible in history? (IAS, 2002)

157. What is the difference between an article and an essay? (IAS, 2002)

158. What is child mortality rate? Tell the measures to reduce it ? (IAS, 2002)

159. What is ICDAP ? (IAS, 2002)

160. What is the significance of disinvestment? (IAS, 2002)

161. What lesson has India learnt from history? (IAS, 2002)

162. What is the place of values and principles in the political thinking that has come firstly at the national, then regional and lastly in parliamentary constituency level? Is it not necessary to completely reverse the total process? (IAS, 2002)

163. What is the significance of United Nations Organisation? (IAS, 2002)

164. Are the policies of Nehru, considered as correct and valid then still valid in the present context? (IAS, 2002)

165. What is the difference between present concept of globalization and the Ancient Indian concept of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' ? (IAS, 2002)

166. What is medium and what is goal in the concept of globalisation ? (lAS, 2002)

167. What is the difference between a change and development? (IAS, 2002)

168. Should all the changes be accepted? (IAS, 2002)

169. What are the ill-effects of globalisation in India? (IAS, 2002)

170. What is the difference between American and Chinese model of globalisation ? Which model has been adopted by India? (IAS, 2002)

171. What was Champaran movement? (BPCS, 2001)

172. Define crime and its major elements? (BPCS, 2001)

173. What is Koh-Suleman ? (BPCS, 2001)

174. Is it correct to give death sentence? If yes then why and if not then why not? (BPCS, 2001)

175. Can fundamental rights be amended? How many times have they been amended and what was the latest amendment? (BPCS, 2001)

176. Have the recent verdicts of the Supreme Court brought a social change? (BPCS, 2001)

177. What is the difference between IPC and Cr. P. C. ? (BPCS, 2001)

178. Tell us about the concept of democracy? (IAS, 2002)

179. Should the number of political parties be limited? (IAS, 2002)

180. Tell us about the sources of energy in India? (IAS, 2002)

181. Tell us about the measures for the improvement in power sector? (IAS, 2002)

182. What has been the effect of globalisation on the various areas of Indian economy? (IAS, 2002)

183. What is the significance of 'Swadeshi' ? (IAS, 2002)

184. What do you understand by the disinvestment policy? (IAS, 2002)

185. Enumerate the management capabilities of Indians? (IAS, 2002)

186. What is composite history? (IAS, 2002)

187. Why was Italy defeated in both the world wars? (IAS, 2002)

188. If second world war had not happened then would India have got Independence?
(IAS, 2002)

189. What is the importance of Munich in the history of the world? (IAS, 2002)

190. How can we protect our culture from the effects of westernisation ? (IAS, 2002)

191. What are the problems of hilly states? (IAS, 2002)

192. What has been the stand of India in the context of US-Iraq war? (IAS, 2002)

193. What do you understand by the globalisation ? (IAS, 2002)

194. What is the foreign policy of India towards Pakistan? (IAS, 2002)

195. What do you understand by Human genome project? (IAS, 2002)

196. What has been the reaction of India towards US-Iraq war? (IAS, 2003)

197. What is the difference between fundamental rights and fundamental duties? (BPCS, 2001)

198. What are the Directive Principles of State Policy? (BPCS, 2001)

199. Define public administration. (BPCS, 2001)

200. What is the difference between marginal income and marginal costs? (BPCS, 2001)

201. Tell us about the contribution and writings of Shakespeare. (IAS, 2002)
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