200 Previously asked interview Question Bank and Answers (Part-1)

1. What is the preamble of the constitution ? What are the words that are added to it and when? Why was the necessity to add the word 'Integrity' ? (UPPCS, 1993)

2. What is Nishkama Karma? (UPPCS, 1993)

3. What is earthquake? (UPPCS, 1993)

4. What was the role of the forensic science in the Naina Sahani and Maya Singh murder case? (MPPSC, 1995)

5. What is the utility of 'Yoga' in western life style? (MPPSC, 1995)

6. Why are young people attracted towards civil services in present age? (MPPSC, 1995)

7. What is E-commerce ? (MPPSC, 1999)

8. What do you understand by information revolution? (UPPSC, 1999)

9. Enumerate the responsibilities of legislature and executive? (IAS, 1999)

10. What is the use of technology in Administration? (IAS, 1999)

11. What are the procedures to obtain a patent? (IAS, 1999)

12. What are the major problems of postal Deptt. ? (IAS, 1999)

13. What was the difference between the transfers of powers that occurred after the French and Russian revolutions? (BPCS, 1995)

14. What are the functions of Police? (BPCS, 1995)

15. How is the efficiency of a power plant measured? (BPCS, 1995)

16. What are your thoughts about the attitude of Taliban towards women? (BPCS, 1995)

17. For which achievement was Nobel prize awarded to Amartya Sen in the field of economics? (BPCS, 1995)

18. What are the views of India on NPT? (UPPCS, 1993)

19. What are the defence problems of India? (UPPCS, 1993)

20. What are the qualities that an able administrator should possess and can honesty be considered as one of the qualities? (UPPCS, 1993)

21. How are dowry and gifts different from each other? (BPCS, 1995)

22. Tell us about the supporters of the principles of the social pact. (BPCS, 1995)

23. Compare the thoughts of Gandhi and Marx in the context of religion and politics? (BPCS, 1995)

24. What were the circumstances that inspired the queen of Jhansi to jump in the revolution of 1857? (BPCS, 1995)

25. What will you do for the development of tribes, if you are posted in a tribal area of a State as an administrative officer? (BPCS, 1995)

26. What is Chinaman? (IAS, 1999)

27. How can Sino-Indo relations improve? (IAS, 1999)

28. How can improvement be brought about in power sector? (IAS, 1999)

29. What are the demands of NRIs ? (IAS, 1999)

30. What could be probable role of the Governor in the settlement of Jammu-Kashmir conflict? (IAS, 1995)

31. What are the national problems before India at present? (IAS, 1995)

32. What is poverty line? (IAS, 1995)

33. Why is India considered as a welfare state? (IAS, 1995)

34. What are the duties of the Comptroller and Auditor General ? (IAS, 1995)

35. What is Philosophy? (IAS, 1999)

36. How should Human development be brought about? In the context of Human development what is the order of India? (IAS, 1995)

37 Why is the sanskrit language considered as perfect language for computers? (IAS, 1995)

38. To whom does Comptroller and Auditor General of India submit its report? (IAS, 1995)

39. What is Bio-Physics ? Define it. (IAS, 1992)

40. What will you do to strengthen Indo-US relations? (IAS, 1992)

41. Tell us about the problems of Indians in Fiji? (IAS, 1990)

42. Tell about the process of military decisions in Pakistan? (IAS, 1990)

43. What do you know about the industrial policy of India? (IAS, 1990)

44. What is the difference between burglary and dacoity ? (MPPSC, 1988)

45. What is the difference between curfew and section 144 ? (MPPSC, 1988)

46. In the context of Kashmir, is Article 370 of constitution proper or not? (MPPSC, 1988)

47. Tell about the inter-state Hydroelectric projects? (MPPSC, 1988)

48. How are currency notes issued? (MPPSC, 1988)

49. Is the credit policy of banks correct or not? Enumerate. (MPPSC, 1988)

50. What do you understand by the term 'Service-sector' ? (IAS, 1991)

51. Tell us about the American action in Panama related to the Production and Trade of Narcotics? (IAS, 1991)

52. What is the role of an architect in civil engineering? (IAS, 1991)

53. What are those geological activities that create an earthquake? (IAS, 1991)

54. What are the causes of terrorism ? (IAS, 1991)

55. What is Big-Bang theory ? (IAS, 1991)

56. Name the rivers of Madhya Pradesh that fall in oceans? (MPPSC, 1988)

57. What is depreciation of currency? What are its possible effects? (MPPSC, 1988)

58. What is planning commission? When was it established? (MPPSC, 1988)

59. What do you mean by responsive administration? (MPPSC, 1988)

60. What do you know about the Naxalite problem of Bastar ? What are your suggestions for its solution? (MPPSC, 1988)

61. What do you understand by a deficit economy? When and why is it used? (MPPSC, 1988)

62. What are the major problems of environment? (MPPSC, 1988)

63. How is a budget formed? (IAS, 1988)

64. What is a deficit budget? (IAS, 1989)

65. What is the role of police in India? (IAS, 1989)
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