Jharkhand Objective GK - Questions and Answers

1. Most of the songs in folk culture of tribal areas of Jharkhand are–
(A) Dance songs (B) Child songs (C) Marriage songs (D) Songs related with women traditions (Ans : A)

2. Of which movement of Chhota Nagpur was Jatra Bhagat the main founder?
(A) Quit India movement (B) Non-cooperation movement
(C) Champaran movement (D) Tana Bhagat movement (Ans : D)

3. Who was the first revolutionary of Chhota Nagpur area, who was martyred during the fight against Britishers ?
(A) Kunwar Singh (B) Ram Narain Singh (C) Buddha Bhagat (D) Birsa Munda (Ans : C)

4. There are many waterfalls in Chhota Nagpur plateau of Jharkhand. In which of the following districts are they in maximum number?
(A) Singhbhum (B) Sahaibganj (C) Pakuda (D) Ranchi (Ans : D)

5. Which of the following mineral is not produced in Jharkhand ?
(A) Coal (B) Thorium (C) Uranium (D) Petroleum (Ans : D)

6. Important waterfalls alongwith districts are given in the list, select the wrong one–
(A) Hundru waterfall–Ranchi (B) Hirni waterfall–East Singhbhum
(C) Ghagara waterfall–Gumla (D) Rajrappa waterfall–Palamu (Ans : D)

7. Who started the famous TISCO factory in Jharkhand ?
(A) Sachchidanand Sinha (B) Dhirubhai Ambani (C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (D) Jamshedji Tata (Ans : D)

8. Betla National Park is reserved for–
(A) Lions (B) Deers (C) Bird and aquatic animals (D) Elephants (Ans : A)

9. Besides TISCO, where else has the iron and steel industry been established in Jharkhand ?
(A) Bokaro (B) Sindri (C) Ghatshila (D) Durgapur (Ans : A)

10. Which of the following religion people come to Parasnath hill as pilgrims?
(A) Hindu (B) Muslim (C) Sikh (D) Jain (Ans : D)

11. Which boys and girls of the following tribal people, is there no other important festival than Jatra ?
(A) Munda (B) Santhal (C) Orab (D) Kharia (Ans : C)

12. Which of the following tribs is famous for truth and to sacrifice all for truth?
(A) Kharbar (B) Munda (C) Santhal (D) Sauria (Ans : A)

13. Which of the following tribes is found in Palamu district of Jharkhand ?
(A) Orab (B) Munda (C) Bhumij (D) Korba (Ans : D)

14. Normally what is known as the residence of the Birhar tribal people?
(A) Tonda (B) Tole (C) Dhumkuria (D) Akhare (Ans : A)

15. In which city of Jharkhand has the uranium processing factory been started ?
(A) Ranchi (B) Ghatshila (C) Garwa (D) Sahaibganj (Ans : B)

16. Who is the author of Jharkhand : Castel over Graves?
(A) Shibbu Soren (B) Shailendra Mahento (C) Victor Das (D) None of these (Ans : C)

17. When did the tribal revolution of Chhota Nagpur take place?
(A) 1807-08 (B) 1820 (C) 1858-59 (D) 1889 (Ans : C)

18. Where has the Small Scale Research Institute been established?
(A) Bokaro (B) Sindri (C) Dhanbad (D) Chatra (Ans : B)

19. When was the Ranchi district Tana Bhagat reha-bilitation ordinance passed?
(A) 1948 (B) 1952 (C) 1977 (D) 1980 (Ans : A)

20. Where is the famous Gupteshwar temple of Shiva situated?
(A) Giriyak ranges (B) Kharagpur ranges (C) Kaimur ranges (D) Jethian ranges (Ans : C)

21. Which of the following is main tribal caste living in the state?
(A) Munda (B) Hoo (C) Asur (D) Gond (Ans : B)

22. What do the Munda tribes call themselves?
(A) Korakh (B) Nagra (C) Horko (D) None of these (Ans : C)

23. When is the Aundi song sung?
(A) At the time of spring (B) At the time of sowing Dhan (C) At the time of marriage (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

24. What is called the integrated tribal development project?
(A) Tribal sub-project (B) Integrated rural development project (C) Meso project (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

25. In Jharkhand there are many places where there are terraced fields so–
(A) That rain water is fully utilized (B) That approach from one field to another field may be easy
(C) Field can be saved from consolidation (D) It is a religious tradition (Ans : A)

26. In which of the following have Santhal tribal people supremacy?
(A) Artistic (B) Knitting (C) Utensils making (D) Hunting (Ans : B)

27. Who is famous as a 'Marar-Gomeka' ?
(A) Jaipal Singh (B) Buddha Bhagat (C) Kunwar Singh (D) Raj Kumar Shukl (Ans : A)

28. What is the main basis of economy of Jharkhand ?
(A) Agriculture (B) Industry (C) Mining (D) Transport (Ans : C)

29. In which part of Jharkhand is maximum rainfall being recorded ?
(A) Chatra (B) Neterhat plateau (C) Ranchi plateau (D) Bokaro (Ans : B)

30. Where was the first Iron and Steel industry established in Jharkhand ?
(A) Sakchi (Jamshedpur) (B) Bokaro (C) Lohardagga (D) Ghatshila (Ans : A)

31. In which of the following district's mines is the maximum iron-ore produced?
(A) Singhbhum (B) Hazaribagh (C) Palamu (D) Gumla (Ans : A)

32. In which part of Jharkhand is the minimum temperature of winter found?
(A) North Ganga plain (B) Santhal Pargana area (C) Neterhat plateau (D) Raj Mahal ranges (Ans : C)

33. What type of rocks are found in Chhota Nagpur plateau?
(A) Igneous rocks (B) Sedimentary rocks (C) Metamorphic rocks (D) Lava rocks (Ans : D)

34. From which mine is iron-ore supplied to TISCO?
(A) Bella Dellah (B) Noamundi (C) Baba Budan (D) Keonjhar (Ans : B)

35. From which of the following mines is the ironore supplied to Bokaro ?
(A) Noamundi (B) Baba Budan (C) Bella Dellah (D) Keonjhar (Ans : D)

36. Which of the following tribes is brave martial tribe?
(A) Pahari-Kharia (B) Korba (C) Sauria (D) Kharbar (Ans : D)

37. 'Asur' is also a tribe of Jharkhand. Tell of which district are they the residents?
(A) Ranchi (B) Palamu (C) Singhbhum (D) Goddah (Ans : C)

38. Which festival of Munda is called 'Sorhul' ?
(A) Karam (B) Desai (C) Botuli (D) Ba-Parav (Ans : D)

39. Which city of Jharkhand is known as the steel city?
(A) Hazaribagh (B) Tata Nagar (C) Dalmia Nagar (D) Ranchi (Ans : B)

40. When did the Tana Bhagat movement take place?
(A) 1910-11 (B) 1913-14 (C) 1921-22 (D) 1922-23 (Ans : B)

41. When was the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act passed?
(A) 1908 (B) 1902 (C) 1990 (D) 1875 (Ans : A)

42. In which of the following industrial settlements is Chhota Nagpur plateau situated?
(A) Bhilai (B) Ranchi (C) Asansol (D) Durgapur (Ans : B)

43. With which of the following is Ull-Gulan revolution associated?
(A) Santhal (B) Kal (C) Katch Naga (D) Birsa Munda (Ans : D)

44. Where is the 'Indian Institute of Mines' situated?
(A) Ranchi (B) Jamshedpur (C) Dhanbad (D) Sindri (Ans : C)

45. Which tribe more in number is found in Ranchi district in the largest number?
(A) Munda (B) Hoo (C) Asur (D) Gond (Ans : A)

46. In the revolt of 1831 against the Britishers did which of the following tribes indulge?
(A) Hoo and Munda (B) Lohara and Baig (C) Orab and Asur (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

47. Sasas is a place, where Mundas–
(A) Keep their food (B) Keep their animals (C) Keep the bones of their ancestors (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

48. In which of the following has the well known story 'Soso Baiga' of Mundas been written?
(A) In the form of song (B) In the form of poem (C) In the form of prose (D) In the form of ballad (Ans : D)

49. Which oil seed is produced in maximum quantity at Palamu ?
(A) Mustard (B) Linseed (C) Sesamum (D) Caster seed (Ans : C)

50. Which of the following groups of festivals are celebrated among the tribes?
(A) Sarhul, Kanna, Dhagu and Modh (B) Karma, Khalti, Lohari and Vaha
(C) Sorhai, Chaturthi, Kali worship, Sarhul (D) Maghe, Phagu, Holi, Sarhul (Ans : A)

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