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1. Who was the first Indian to reach Antarctica?
(A) Rakesh Sharma (B) G.S. Sirohi (C) B. K. Dutta (D) K. Karuna Nautial
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2. Where did Babur die?
(A) Agra (B) Kabul (C) Lahore (D) Delhi
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3. Itimad-ul-Daula’s tomb at Agra was built by–
(A) Akbar (B) Jahangir (C) Noorjahan (D) Shahjahan
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4. The Nagarjun Sagar project is on the river–
(A) Sutlej (B) Narmada (C) Krishna (D) Cauveri
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5. The Rihand valley project is in–
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Odisha (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Karnataka
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6. A keyboard is this kind of device.
(A) Black (B) Input (C) Output (D) Word processing
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7. Agriculture sector directly employs one of the following percentages of labour force in India–
(A) 20 % (B) 30 % (C) 40 % (D) 65 %
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8. NABARD was established in the–
(A) Fourth Five Year Plan (B) Fifth Five Year Plan (C) Sixth Five Year Plan (D) Eighth Five Year Plan
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9. Who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
(A) The President (B) The Vice- President (C) The Prime Minister (D) The Speaker
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10. Rhine Valley of France is famous for–
(A) Zinc deposits (B) Copper deposits (C) Nickel deposits (D) Bauxite deposits
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11. The Strait which separates Africa from Europe is–
(A) Hook Strait (B) Strait of Gibraltar (C) Palk Strait (D) Bering Strait
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12. The Strait which separate Asia from North America is–
(A) The Bering strait (B) The Palk Strait (C) The Strait of Gibraltar (D) The strait of Malacca
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13. Strait of Malacca separates–
(A) Sumatra and Malaysia (B) Java and Brunei (C) Sumatra and Java (D) Malaysia and Brunei
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14. Who formulated the ‘Drain of Wealth’ theory?
(A) Dadabhai Naoraji (B) M.G. Ranade (C) R.C. Dutt (D) B.C. Pal
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15. The book ‘Midnight’s Children has been written by–
(A) Arundhati Roy (B) Tasleema Nasreen (C) Salman Rushdie (D) Kiran Desai
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16. The term ‘bogey’ is associated with–
(A) Tennis (B) Golf (C) Baseball (D) Chess
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17. Ryder Cup is related with which sports?
(A) Football (B) Golf (C) Badminton (D) Cricket
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18. Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak?
(A) Gurdaspur (B) Amritsar (C) Lahore (D) Talwandi
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19. Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal?
(A) Sirajuddaulah (B) Mir Jafar (C) Mir Kasim (D) Najmuddaulah
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20. The largest oil field of Gujarat is in–
(A) Sanand (B) Kadi (C) Kalol (D) Ankleshwar
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21. Edaphic conditions relate to–
(A) Climate (B) Vegetation (C) Soil (D) Temperature
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22. Soils developed in humid tropical regions are called–
(A) Podzol (B) Chernozem (C) Laterite (D) Yellow soils
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23. Redzina soil occur in regions of–
(A) Sandstone (B) Limestone (C) Shale (D) Granite
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24. Which one do you need for tennis?
(A) A helmet (B) A racket (C) Flippers (D) A basket
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25. Merdeka Cup is associated with–
(A) Cricket (B) Football (C) Ragbi (D) Hockey
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