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1. Kuwait is the leading producer of–
(A) Coal (B) Silver (C) Oil (D) Iron are
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2. Wool is the most important export value from–
(A) Australia (B) New Zealand (C) Argentina (D) South Africa
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3. The heaviest mass revolving round the sun is–
(A) Mars (B) Jupiter (C) Saturn (D) Venus
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4. Where did Yuvraj Singh make his ODI debut?
(A) Nairobi, Kenya (B) Mumbai, India (C) London, England (D) Lahore, Pakistan
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5. Who has scored the most Test hundreds ever?
(A) Steve Waugh (B) Sachin Tendulkar (C) Shane Warne (D) Sunil Gavaskar
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6. The word Aryan means–
(A) of good family (B) cultivator (C) pastoral society (D) brahmachari
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7. Who among the following wrote Sanskrit Grammar?
(A) Kalidasa (B) Charaka (C) Panini (D) Aryabhatt
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8. The Andamans have a total area of–
(A) 83,000 sq. km (B) 80,000 sq. km (C) 75,000 sq. km (D) 76,000 sq. km
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9. Area of Western Himalayan Sub-region is–
(A) 81,190,000 acres (B) 85,190,000 acres (C) 67,200,000 acres (D) 67,300,000 acres
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10. The computer monitor is ………device.
(A) Scanning (B) Input (C) Processor (D) Output
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11. A computer works on a ………number system.
(A) Binary (B) Octal (C) Decimal (D) Hexadecimal
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12. Which of the following is the largest unit of storage?
(A) GB (B) KB (C) MB (D) TB
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13. ……….is NOT a Nuclear Power Centre.
(A) Narora (B) Kakrapara (C) Chamera (D) Kota
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14. When was the first train steamed off in India?
(A) 1848 (B) 1853 (C) 1875 (D) 1880
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15. The system of Judicial Review exists in–
(A) India only (B) U.K. only (C) U.S.A. only (D) India and U.S.A.
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16. Which bank was earlier called the ‘Imperial Bank of India’?
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17. Kampung is a form of rural settlement found in–
(A) China (B) Malaysia (C) Philippines (D) Cambodia
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18. The longest railway platform is–
(A) London (UK) (B) Moscow (Russia) (C) Kharagpur (India) (D) New York (USA)
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19. Of the following the busiest oceanic trade route is–
(A) Cape route (B) North Atlantic route (C) Panama Canal (D) Suez canal
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20. With Which game is the Double Fault associated?
(A) Lawn Tennis (B) Football (C) Cricket. (D) Hockey
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21. Who founded the Fort William College at Calcutta?
(A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Ellenborough (C) Lord Macalay (D) Lord Wellesely
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22. The. Scientific Society was founded by–
(A) Wilton Company (B) Lord Cornwallis (C) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (D) None of these
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23. The most important coal field of India is–
(A) Bokaro (B) Raniganj (C) Jharia (D) Giridih
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24. Koyna hydro-electric scheme is in–
(A) Maharashtra (B) Gujarat (C) Vidarbha (D) Rajasthan
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25. Text in a column is generally aligned–
(A) Justified (B) Right (C) Center (D) Left
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