Latest General Awareness Questions and Answers

1. Where was the first All India Kisan Sabha formed ?
(A) Calcutta (B) Madras (C) Lucknow (D) Patna
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2. Which is not the year of Tana Bhaghat’s revolt–
(A) 1913 (B) 1914 (C) 1920 (D) 1923
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3. Among source of power India has largest reserves of–
(A) Coal (B) Oil (C) Natural gas (D) Atomic power
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4. Pooga valley and Manikaran are associated with–
(A) Tidal energy (B) Solar energy (C) Geothermal energy (D) Wind energy
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5. Each ………on a menu performs a specific action.
(A) Client (B) Server (C) Node (D) Command
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6. Storage device found inside the computer–
(A) CD ROM (B) Zip Disk (C) Super Disk (D) Hard Disk
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7. Mid-Day Meal Scheme was started in the year–
(A) 1995 (B) 1996 (C) 1997 (D) 1998
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8. The standard of living in a country is represented by its–
(A) Poverty Ratio (B) Per Capita Income (C) National Income (D) Unemployment Rate
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9. The Speaker’s vote in the Lok Sabha is called–
(A) Casting Vote (B) Sound Vote (C) Direct Vote (D) Indirect Vote
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10. Primitive ape appeared in the–
(A) Palaeozoic era (B) Mesozoic era (C) Cenozoic era (D) Cretaceaus era
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11. The staple food of Asian is–
(A) Coffee (B) Maize (C) Rice (D) Wheat
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12. When is International Museum Day observed?
(A) December 11 (B) December 20 (C) May 18 (D) November 14
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13. When are the FIFA World Cup scheduled to be held in Brazil?
(A) December, 2014 (B) November, 2014 (C) July, 2014 (D) February, 2014
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14. Which game is Ian Thorpe associated with–
(A) Badminton (B) Chess (C) Swimming (D) Squash
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15. The Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Ltd. is located at–
(A) Banglore (B) Bhadravati (C) Manglore(D) Mysore
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16. Relative humidity of atmosphere is measured by–
(A) Hydrometer (B) Hygrometer (C) Potentiometer (D) Lactometer
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17. The Sanskrit poet called as the Indian Shakespeare?
(A) Kalidas (B) Tulsidas (C) Sudraka (D) Kautilya
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18. Who is the author of “A Passage to England”?
(A) E. M. Forster (B) Nirad C. Chaudhary (C) G. B. Shaw (D) Winston Churchill
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19. One among the following is not a Harry Potter story–
(A) Chamber of the secrets (B) The philosopher’s stone (C) Half blood prince (D) Naked Truth
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20. ‘India wins Freedom’ is the autobiography of–
(A) Abul Kalam Azad (B) Muhammad Ali (C) Zakir Hussain (D) Syed Ahmed Khan
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21. Whose part is the International Bureau of Education–
(A) UNESCO (B) UNIDO (C) IMF (D) None of the above
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22. ‘Maya Memsaab’ is a film directed by–
(A) Shyam Benegal (B) Bhupen Hazarika (C) Ketan Mehta (D) Tapan Sinha
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23. The Harry potter series is written by–
(A) K K Rowling (B) K J Rowling (C) J K Rowling (D) A K Rowling
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24. Which of the following dynasties succeeded Sungas?
(A) Satavahanas (B) Kushans (C) Kanvas (D) Guptas
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25. What was the capital of Kanishka?
(A) Purushapura (B) Mathura (C) Taxila (D) Pataliputra
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