Current General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

1. The world’s largest petrol producer is–
(A) South Africa (B) India (C) Australia (D) Saudi Arabia
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2. Indonesia’s main export in terms of value is–
(A) Oil and gas (B) Tin (C) Rubber (D) Tea
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3. The per-capita hydel power output is the highest in–
(A) Japan (B) Norway (C) Sweden (D) U.S.A.
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4. Who has scored the highest run in a test cricket innings?
(A) Sanath Jayasuriya (B) Garfield Sobers (C) Brian Lara (D) Hanif Mohammad
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5. All Sher, an Arjuan award winner, is associated with–
(A) Football (B) Golf (C) Yachting (D) Equestrian
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6. The partition of Bengal came into effect on–
(A) 15th August, 1905 (B) 15th September, 1905 (C) 15th October, 1905 (D) 15th November, 1905
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7. Who established the Indian League–
(A) Shishir Kumar Gosh (B) Ananad Mohan Bose (C) M.G. Ranade (D) Devendra Nath Tagore
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8. Production of oil from Bombay High was started in–
(A) 1973 (B) 1975 (C) 1970 (D) 1978
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9. Korba coal field is in–
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Maharashtra (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Madhya Pradesh
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10. At which button is Help Menu available?
(A) End (B) Start (C) Turn off (D) Restart
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11. ………is applicable in all computers.
(A) Basic language (B) Cobol language (C) Machine language (D) Fortran
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12. A string of eight 0s and is is called a–
(A) Megabyte (B) Kilobyte (C) Gigabyte (D) Byte
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13. Where was electricity supply first introduced in India?
(A) Kolkata (B) Darjeeling (C) Mumbai(D) Chennai
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14. Bharat Nirman Plan is associated with development of–
(A) Urban infrastructure (B) Rural infrastrucutre (C) Bridges and Roads (D) Information Technology
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15. The Supreme Court of India was set up by the–
(A) Regulating Act, 1773 (B) Pitt’s India Act, 1784 (C) Charter Act, 1813 (D) Charter Act, 1833
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16. The most important Rabi pulse crop in India is–
(A) Chickpea (B) Soyabean (C) Pigeon pea (D) Green gram
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17. Which one of the following is not a plantation crop ?
(A) Tea (B) Coffee (C) Rubber (D) Sugarcane
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18. Devices that let the computer communicate with you–
(A) Input (B) Output (C) Type (D) Print
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19. Which Indian State had the first woman Chief Minister?
(A) U.P. (B) Bihar (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Delhi
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20. Which fish is known as poor man’s fish?
(A) Herring (B) Cod (C) Sardine (D) Craw fish
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21. Jet streams blows–
(A) From west to east (B) From east to west (C) From north to south (D) None of the above
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22. Who is the author of “Tom Sawyer”?
(A) John Ruskin (B) William Shakespeare (C) Leo Tolstoy (D) Mark Twain
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23. ‘Crime and Punishment’ was written by–
(A) Alexander Solzhenitysn (B) Lewis Carroll (C) Fyodor Dostoevsky (D) Vladimir Nabakov
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24. ‘The General happiness is the end of the state’; who said this?
(A) Plato (B) Hegel (C) Hegeet (D) Bentham
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25. When was the All India Women’s Conference founded?
(A) 1924 (B) 1925 (C) 1926 (D) 1927
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