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General Awareness Quiz 19

1. Where are the headquarters of the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development located?
(A) Geneva (B) Washington DC
(C) London (D) Paris
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2. Which is the best measure of economic growth of a country?
(C) NET revenue (D) None of these
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3. Which one of the following was the leader of Waliullahi (Wahabi) Movement?
(A) Waliulla (B) Abdul Aziz
(C) Muhammad Abdul Wahab (D) Syed Ahmad of Rae Wababi Bareilly
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4. The 79th Amendment of the Indian Constitution of related to–
(A) Centre-state relations (B) Establishment of twio political parties
(C) Fundamental Rights (D) Reservation of SCs and STs in the Lok Sabha
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5. Which portfolio was held by Dr Rajendra Prasad in the Interim Government formed in the year 1946?
(A) Defence (B) External Affairs and Commonwealth Relations
(C) Food and Agriculture (D) Revenue
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6. Lord Mountbatten came to India as Viceroy along with specific instruction to–
(A) Balkanize the Indian sub-continent (B) keep India united if possible
(C) accept Jinnah's demand for Pakistan (D) persuade the Congress to accept partition
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7. Who among the following Urdu poets was invited to the Second and Third Round Table Conference?
(A) Faiz Ahmad Faiz (B) Josh Malihabadi
(C) Muhammad Iqbal (D) Firaq Gorakhpuri
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8. Durgapur is located on the banks of river–
(A) Damodar (B) Brahman
(C) Subarnarekha (D) Indravathi
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9. The polymeric fibre used as a substitute for wool in making synthetic blankets, sweater, etc. , is–
(A) nylon (B) teflon
(C) orlon (D) bakelite
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10. Which bioinsecticide was first developed on commercial scale?
(A) Morphine (B) Quinine
(C) DDT (D) Sporeine
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11. The phase of cell cycle during which 'DNA polymerase' is functionally active is–
(A) G1-phase (B) M-phase
(C) S-phase (D) G2-phase
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12. When an Ordinary Bill is referred to a joint sitting of both the Houses of Indian Parliament, it has to be passed by a–
(A) simple majority of the total number of members of both the houses present and voting
(B) two-third majority of the total number of members of both the houses
(C) simple majority of the total number of members of both the houses
(D) two-third majority of the total number of members of both the houses present and voting
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13. The Government Bill means a bill introduced by a–
(A) Member of the Treasury bench in the Lok Sabha (B) Member of the Parliament who is not a Minister
(C) Minister in the Lok Sabha (D) Minister in any House of the Parliament
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14. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India?
(A) Manik Sarkar (B) Tarun Gogoi
(C) Jyoti Basu (D) Narendra Modi
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15. Which one of the following is known as the Great Circle?
(A) Tropic of Cancer (B) Tropic of Capricorn
(C) Equator (D) Arctic Cricle
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16. Which one of the following regions contains 70% of the tropical shallow water coral reefs?
(A) Australian region (B) West Indies regions
(C) East Indies region (D) None of the above
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17. Rate of growth of an economy is measured in terms of–
(A) national income (B) per capita income
(C) number of people who have been lifted above the poverty line (D) industrial development
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18. Which Plan is also called "Gadgil Yojana"?
(A) Third Five Year Plan (B) Fourth Five Year Plan
(C) Fifth Five Year Plan (D) None of the above
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19. High spring tides occur at new Moon and full Moon because the–
(A) Moon and Earth are at right angles (B) Sun and Moon are at right angles
(C) Sun, Earth and the Moon are in straight line (D) Sun and Earth are at right angles
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20. With which one of the following did the Civil Disobedience Movement in India commerce?
(A) The Dandi March (B) No Tax campaign by Sardar Patel
(C) The unfuling of the National Flag by Nehru (D) Mahatma Gandhi's going on fast
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21. Ratan Thiyam, the famous personality from Manipur, is known for his work in the field of–
(A) Sports (B) Music
(C) Theatre (D) Social Reform
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22. In which one of the following provinces was a Congress ministry not formed under the Act of 1935?
(A) Bihar (B) Madras
(C) Odisa (D) Punjab
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23. Which one of the following Commissions/Committees was appointed by the British Government to investigate into the massacre in Jalianwalla Bagh?
(A) Welby Commission (B) Hunter Committee
(C) Simon Commission (D) Butler Committee
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24. How many Indian State border Myanmar?
(A) Three (B) Four
(C) Five (D) Six
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25. The heart sound murmurs are heard during–
(A) closing of bicuspid and tricuspid valves (B) closing of aortic and pulmonary semilunar valves
(C) generated by trubulent flow of blood, either inside or outside the most. (D) None of the above
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