Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers 2014

1. Which one of the following planets is said to be "twin sister" of the Earth?
(A) Mercury (B) Venus
(C) Mars (D) Jupiter
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2. Which one of the following pairs of physical quantities may be represented in the same unit?
(A) Temperature and mole (B) Heat and work
(C) Heat and temperature (D) Specific heat ant heat
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3. Who among the following gave the first experimental value of G?
(A) Cavendish (B) Brook Taylor
(C) Copernicus (D) Albert Einstein
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4. The residuary powers, under the Act of 1935, were placed under–
(A) The Governor General of India (B) The Central Government
(C) The Provincial Legislatures (D) The Central Legislature
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5. After Quit India Movement, C Rajagoplachari issued a pamphlet entitled' The Way Out". Which one of the following was a proposal in this pamphlet?
(A) The establishment of a "War Advisory Council" composed of representatives of British India and the Indian states
(B) Reconstitution of the Central Executive Council in such a way that all its members, except the Governor-General and the Commander-in-Chief should be Indian leaders
(C) Fresh elections to the Central and Provincial Legislatures to be held at the end of 1945 and the constitution making body to be convened as soon as possible
(D) A solution for the constitutional deadlock
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6. Which one of the following is false?
(A) The federal list, under the Act of 1935, had 54 items
(B) The provincial list, under the Act of 1935, had 59 items
(C) The concurrent list, under the Act of 1935, had 35 items
(D) There was a mention of the residuary powers under the Governor-General
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7. India is now the member country of the FATF–
(A) 34th (B) 20th
(C) 13th (D) 19th
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8. Which of the following contributes the maximum earnings in Indian Railways?
(A) Passenger Earning (B) Goods Traffic Earning
(C) Sundry Earning (D) Other Coach Earning
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9. Which forests lie in the Amazon Basin in South America?
(A) Montane forests (B) Tropical rain forests
(C) Wet deciduous forests (D) Subtropical mixed forests
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10. What is the term used to denote the temperature at which the water vapour present in the atmosphere is sufficient to saturate?
(A) Condensation point (B) Dew point
(C) Sublimation (D) Saturation point
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11. One of the Harappan deities not represented in later Hindu religion is–
(A) Pashupati Shiva (B) Seven Mothers (Sapta Marikas)
(C) Compound Creatures (D) Unicorn
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12. Which of the following sites excavated recently shows all the three stages of Harappan Occupations (Pre-Harappan. Harappan and Post Harappan)?
(A) Rojdi (B) Surkotda
(C) Desalpur (D) All of these
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13. The National River Conservation Directorate functions under the Ministry of–
(A) Water Resources (B) Environment and Forests
(C) Power (D) Rural Development
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14. Which one of the following was not cultivated in the Harappan Civilization?
(A) Mustard (B) Barley
(C) Sugarcane (D) Sesamum
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15. Harappan weapons were made of–
(A) Stone (B) Copper
(C) Bronze (D) All of these
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16. Which one of the following cities will never get the vertical rays of the Sun?
(A) Srinagar (B) Mumbai
(C) Kolkata (D) Thiruvananthapuram
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17. A cold soft drink is kept on balance. When the cap is opened, then the weight–
(A) increases (B) decreases
(C) first increase the decrease (D) remains same
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18. Neutron was discovered by–
(A) Rutherford (B) Chadwick
(C) Hahn and Strassman (D) Milikan
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19. Which of the following is used in the industrial manufacture of Vitamin-A?
(A) Na2C2 (B) Li2C2
(C) C60K (D) LiC2H
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20. Which one of the following is rightly described as the Magna Carta of local government in India?
(A) Montague's Declaration, 1917 (B) Ripon's Resolution, 1882
(C) CR Formula, 1945 (D) Mountbatten Plan, 1947
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21. The tendency for increased litigation was visible after the introduction of the land settlement system of Lord Cornwallis in 1793. The reason for this, normally, is traced to which of the following?
(A) Making Zamindar's position stronger vis-a-vis the ryots (B) Making East India Company an overlord of Zamindars
(C) Making judicial system more efficient (D) None of the above
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22. The old name of which State/Union Territory is wrongly given?
(A) Tamil Nadu-Madras (B) Lakshadweep-Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands
(C) Karnataka-Mysore (D) Meghalaya-Eastern Hill Province
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23. 13th Finance Commission was constituted under the Chairmanship of–
(A) YSP Thorat (B) Vijai L Kelkar
(C) TS Vijayan (D) Laxmi Narayan
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24. SEBI is a–
(A) constitutional body (B) advisory body
(C) statutory body (D) non-statutory body
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25. What is the other name for the equatorial rain forests?
(A) Lianos (B) Campos
(C) Gran Chaco (D) Selvas
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