Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-II Exam Solved Paper

Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt. of India)
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade - II (Executive) Exam, 2012 : Solved Paper

1. A man decides to travel 80 kilometres in 8 hours partly by foot and partly on a bicycle. If his speed on foot is 8 km/hr and on bicycle 16 km/hr, what distance would he travel on foot?
(A) 20 km (B) 30 km
(C) 48 km (D) 60 km
Ans : (C)

2. Due to a 25% increase in the price of rice per kilogram, a person is able to purchase 20 kilograms less for Rs. 400. What is the increased price of rice per kilogram ?
(A) Rs. 5 (B) Rs. 6
(C) Rs. 10 (D) Rs. 4
Ans : (A)

3. A toy weighing 24 grams of an alloy of two metals is worth Rs. 174, but if the weights of the two metals be interchanged, the toy would be worth Rs. 162. If the price of one metal be Rs. 8 per gram, find the price of the other metal used to make the toy.
(A) Rs. 10/gram (B) Rs. 6/gram
(C) Rs. 4/gram (D) Rs. 5/gram
Ans : (B)

4. Three bells chime at intervals of 48, 60 and 90 minutes respectively. If all the three bells chime together at 10 AM, at what time will all the three chime again that day.
(A) 1 PM (B) 2 PM
(C) 8 PM (D) 10 PM
Ans : (D)

5. Find the last two digits of–
15 × 37 × 63 × 51 × 97 × 17
(A) 35 (B) 45
(C) 55 (D) 85
Ans : (A)

6. After striking the floor, a ball rebounds to 4/5th of the height from which it has fallen. Find the total distance that it travels before coming to rest if it has been gently dropped from a height of 120 metres.
(A) 540 mtrs (B) 960 mtrs
(C) 1080 mtrs (D) 1120 mtrs
Ans : (A)

7. There is a 7-digit telephone number with all different digits. If the digit at extreme right and extreme left are 5 and 6 respectively, find how many such telephone numbers are possible.
(A) 120 (B) 1,00,000
(C) 6720 (D) 30,240
Ans : (C)

8. A speaks the truth 3 out of 4 times, and B 5 out of 6 times. What is the probability that they will contradict each other in stating the same fact ?
(A) 2/3 (B) 1/3
(C) 5/6 (D) 1/21
Ans : (B)

9. A circle is inscribed inside an equilateral triangle touching all the three sides. If the radius of the circle is 2 cm, find the area of the triangle.
(A) 15 √3 (B) 18 √3
(C) 12 √2 (D) 12 √3
Ans : (D)

10. Five persons A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a row facing you such that D is on the left of C; B is on the right of E; A is on the right of C and B is on the left of D. If E has only one neighbour, then who is sitting in the centre ?
(A) A (B) B
(C) C (D) D
Ans : (D)

11. In which city is the headquarters of World Trade Organisation (WTO) located ?
(A) New York (B) Geneva
(C) Rome (D) Paris
Ans : (B)

12. In a family of five persons; Dinesh is Jairam's son and Gopal's brother while Meeta is Gopal's mother and Jayanti's daughter. If there are no step brothers or half brothers in the family, which of the following statements is true ?
(A) Jayanti is Dinesh's mother (B) Meeta is Dinesh's mother
(C) Jayanti is Jairam's grandmother (D) All the above
Ans : (B)

13. Four sisters–Suvarna, Tara, Uma and Vibha are playing a game such that the loser doubles the money of each of the other players from her share. They played four games and each sister lost one game in alphabetical order. At the end of fourth game, each sister had Rs. 32. How much money did Suvarna start with ?
(A) Rs: 60 (B) Rs. 34
(C) Rs. 66 (D) Rs. 28
Ans : (C)

14. Indira is three times older than Yogesh while Zaheer is half the age of Wahida. If Yogesh is older than Zaheer, then which of the following statements can be inferred ?
(A) Yogesh is older than Wahida. (B) Indira is older than Wahida.
(C) Indira may be younger than Wahida. (D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

15. A four-person team from Asian Paints is painting Foolan's house. Mehmood is painting the front of the house. Ramesh is in the alley behind the house painting the back. Jeevan is painting die window frames on the north side and Sudhir is on the south. If Mehmood switches places with John, and John then switches places with Sudhir, where is Sudhir now ?
(A) In the alley behind the house. (B) On the north side of the house
(C) In front of the house (D) On the south side of the house
Ans : (C)

16. What is the total number of Zodiac constellations (Nakshatra) in Indian astrology ?
(A) 12 (B) 15
(C) 18 (D) 27
Ans : (A)

17. Who established Ramkrishna Mission ?
(A) Raja Rammohan Roy (B) Shivanand
(C) Swami Dayanand Saraswati (D) Vivekanand
Ans : (D)

18. If in a coded language MADRAS is written as LBCSZT, how would BOMBAY be written ?
Ans : (B)

19. If under a certain code the word CARROM is written as BZQQNL, which word will be coded as HOUSE ?
Ans : (C)

20. Rahul's mother is the only daughter of Monika's father. How is Monika's husband related to Rahul ?
(A) Uncle (B) Father
(C) Grandfather (D) Brother
Ans : (A)

21. A man is facing west. He turns 45° in the clockwise direction and then another 180° in the same direction and then 270° in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now ?
(A) South-West (B) South
(C) North-West (D) West
Ans : (A)

22. If it was Saturday on 17th December, 1982 what will be the day on 22nd December, 1984.
(A) Monday (B) Tuesday
(C) Wednesday (D) Sunday
Ans : (D)

23. One term in the following number series is not correct. 15, 16, 22, 29, 45, 70 Find out the wrong term ?
(A) 16 (B) 22
(C) 45 (D) 70
Ans : (B)

24. In an exercise, Krishnan walked 25 metres towards South and then he turned to his left and moved for 20 metres. He again turned to his left and walked 25 metres. Thereafter, he turned to his right and walked 15 metres. What is die distance and direction of his present location with reference to the starting point ?
(A) 54 metres North East (B) 60 metres North
(C) 35 metre East (D) 40 metres South East
Ans : (C)

25. Where did NASA's land rover Curiosity landed on Mars on August 5/6, 2012 ?
(A) Sea of Tranquillity (B) Gale Crater
(C) Fast Mountain (D) Rover Desert
Ans : (B)

26. India's Mars Orbiter Mission is likely to be launched in November 2013. What kind of rocket will be used by ISRO for this mission ?
(A) Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV) (B) Agni III
(C) Extended Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (D) SLV -III
Ans : (C)

27. In London Olympic Games 2012, which country won the highest number of medals ?
(A) Great Britain (B) China
(C) Republic of Korea (D) United States of America
Ans : (D)

28. Who won the Gold Medal in 100 metres race in London Olympics 2012 ?
(A) Justin Gatlin (B) Yohan Blake
(C) Tyson Gay (D) Usain Bolt
Ans : (D)

29. Who have been selected for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2012 ?
(A) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (Shooting) and Baichung Bhutia (Football)
(B) Gagan Narang (Shooting) and Saina Nehwal (Badminton)
(C) Vijay Kr (Shooting) and Yogeshwar Dutt (Wrestling)
(D) Mary Kom (Boxing) and Vishwanathan Anand (Chess)
Ans : (C)

30. Which country announced in August 2012 its decision to grant political asylum to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
(A) Great Britain (B) China
(C) Ecuador (D) Belgium
Ans : (C)

31. India's DRDO has developed a pilotless target aircraft. What is its name ?
(A) Tejas (B) Nag
(C) Agni III (D) Lakshya 2
Ans : (D)

32. What is the name of India' first indigenously developed nuclear submarine ?
(A) INS Sindhughosh (B) K 15
(C) INS Arihant (D) INS Vikramditya
Ans : (C)

33. Why was CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory located near Geneva in news recently ?
(A) For discovery of Neutrino, a new subatomic particle
(B) For discovering Higgs Boson, a new subatomic particle.
(C) Because of differences among the member nations over finance liabilities.
(D) Major breakdown in the laboratory.
Ans : (B)

34. Which of the following countries in the Middle East is facing a civil war between the Government forces and rebel insurgents ?
(A) Syria (B) Egypt
(C) Tunisia (D) Jordan
Ans : (A)

35. In which country, there has been a spate of 'insider killing' in which NATO soldiers have been killed by their comrades in local police and Army ?
(A) Pakistan (B) Iraq
(C) Afghanistan (D) Iran
Ans : (C)

36. How do you observe every year the first Monday of October ?
(A) Environment Day (B) World Habitat Day
(C) World Diabetes Day (D) UNO Day
Ans : (B)

37. Which country's lower house of Parliament is known as Wolesi Jirga ?
(A) Afghanistan (B) Bangladesh
(C) Pakistan (D) Iran
Ans : (A)

38. SEBI has decided to introduce "Basic Services Demat Account" (BSDA). What is the maximum value of securities in a BSDA at any point of time?
(A) Rs. 5 lakh (B) Rs. 4 lakh
(C) Rs. 3 .lakh (D) Rs. 2 lakh
Ans : (B)

39. Which of the following companies is posing a stiff competition to Sweden's Ericsson to become the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturer ?
(A) Samsung (B) Huawei
(C) Nokia (D) Panasonic
Ans : (B)

40. What is the present permissible power density value for mobile towers operating at 1800 MHz ?
(A) 4.5 watt/metre2 (B) 9 watt/metre2
(C) 13.5 watt/metre2 (D) 18 watt/metre2
Ans : (B)

41. Mohammed Morsi, Francois Hollande and Bashar al-Assad are the current Presidents respectively of which countries ?
(A) Jordan, Germany and Syria (B) Egypt, Canada and Iraq
(C) Qatar, France and Lebanon (D) Egypt, France and Syria
Ans : (D)

42. Where are Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research and Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre respectively located ?
(A) Hyderabad, Tarapur and Sriharikota
(B) Chennai, Tarapur and Thiruvanantpuram
(C) Hyderabad, Kalpakkam and Thiruvanantpuram
(D) Chennai, Tarapur and Sriharikota
Ans : (C)

43. What is Wakhan Corridor ?
(A) North Eastern extremity of Afghanistan
(B) Part of the border between India and China in Ladakh region
(C) A passage between Iran and Afghanistan
(D) Narrow strip joining Bangladesh with Myanmar
Ans : (A)

44. What does NSAB stand for in Indian context ?
(A) National Society for Animal Breeders
(B) National Support Activity for Bhutan
(C) National Spiritual Assembly of Buddhists
(D) National Security Advisory Board
Ans : (D)

45. What is the significance of Ozone layer in atmosphere ?
(A) It maintains the cycle of seasons.
(B) It causes timely arrival of Monsoon
(C) It filters the ultraviolet rays of the sun
(D) It prevents the global warming
Ans : (C)

46. Which business house has promoted Essar group of companies ?
(A) Ruias (B) Ambanis
(C) Goenkas (D) Kanorias
Ans : (A)

47. In which country is the headquarters of Nestle company located ?
(A) Sweden (B) Switzerland
(C) Germany (D) Netherlands
Ans : (B)

48. Which family owns the Hero group of Companies in India ?
(A) Hindujas (B) Firodias
(C) Munjals (D) Mansingh
Ans : (C)

49. Where is Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, located ?
(A) Russia and Central Asian countries (B) US and Canada border
(C) South Africa (D) Peru and Bolivia border
Ans : (D)

50. At which point of Earth there is no gravity ?
(A) At North and South Pole (B) At equator
(C) On the ocean surface (D) At centre of the Earth
Ans : (D)

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