General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answer

General Knowledge Questions and Answer 

1. Which culture provides the knowledge of writing?
(A) Mishra (B) China
(C) Sindhu (D) Sumer
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2. Who will be able to read the ancient lipi?
(A) Ariar Stain (B) Nepolian
(C) Marshal (D) Champolian
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3. In which culture of the world discover the wordmala?
(A) Roman Culture (B) Eunani Culture
(C) China Culture (D) Finishiya Culture
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4. Which country was first time use the tea?
(A) India (B) China
(C) Rome (D) Eunan
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5. Where is newsprint factory in India?
(A) Mumbai (B) Nepanagar
(C) Jagadhari (D) Kolkata
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6. National law Institute University is located at–
(A) Bangluru (B) Hyderabad
(C) Pune (D) Bhopal
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7. What is the average time taken by sun rays to reach the earth–
(A) 400 sec (B) 500 sec
(C) 480 sec (D) 600 sec
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8. The total no high courts in India–
(A) 18 (B) 21
(C) 28 (D) 26
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9. Who is the Chief Commissioner of  “central information commission” Under right to information act 2005–
(A) Padma Rao (B) O. P. Kejariwal
(C) Satyananda Mishra (D) M. M. Ansari
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10. World environment day–
(A) 5 June (B) 8 March
(C) 10 December (D) 21 January
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11. What is the new name of Holland?
(A) Zambia (B) Thialand
(C) Lesolho (D) The Netherlands
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12. Write the name of country to which the Fidel Castro belongs?
(A) Russia (B) Tibet
(C) France (D) Cuba
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13. Which of the following is a cultural organization?
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14. What is common salt?
(A) Sodium chloride (B) Sodium carbonate
(C) Sodium bicarbonate (D) Sodium phosphate
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15. Who is the captain of test cricket in India?
(A) M.S. Dhoni (B) Shawag
(C) Yuvraj Singh (D) Anil Kumble
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15. Find out the largest Mango producer state in India–
(A) UP (B) Punjab
(C) H.P. (D) Kolkata
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16. ‘A call to Honour’ book is written by–
(A) R.N. Tagore (B) Jaswant Singh
(C) Annie Basant (D) None of these
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17. The world’s Tallest Tower is situated in–
(A) USA (B) Russia
(C) Canada (D) China
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18. Who was the first chief election commissioner in India?
(A) Sukumar Sen (B) R. K. Trivedi
(C) S. L. Shakdhar (D) None of these
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19. The first woman Governor in India–
(A) Serla Garewal (B) Rajani Rai
(C) Sarojini Naidu (D) Padmaja Naidu
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20. How many Airports and Airstrips of India?
(A) 345 (B) 415
(C) 454 (D) 400
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