General Knowledge Quiz No. 27 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 27
1. In human systems, vitamins cannot–
(A) Help in digestion (B) Help in metabolising drugs
(C) Help in growth (D) Supply energy
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2. A person weighs more in a lift, which is–
(A) Moving up with a constant velocity (B) Moving down with a constant velocity
(C) Accelerating upward (D) Accelerating downward
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3. While sowing seeds the fertilizer commonly used contains–
(A) Nitrates (B) Potash
(C) Phosphorus (D) Calcium
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4. What is washing soda?
(A) Sodium chloride (B) Hydrated sodium carbonate
(C) Sodium bicarbonate (D) Calcium carbonate
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5. The need for effective corporate governance and independent regulatory authorities was highlighted by the scam involving which of the following multinational corporations?
(A) Enron (B) World Com
(C) Xerox (D) All the three
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6. Who is benefited most by inflation?
(A) Borrower (B) Debtor
(C) Banks (D) None of these
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7. Coins are manufactured in–
(A) Delhi (B) Hoshangabad
(C) Nasik (D) Kolkata
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8. On chewing bread a man tastes sweet due to–
(A) Conversion of carbohydrate into sugar (B) Conversion of fat into sugar
(C) Conversion of protein into sugar (D) None of these
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9. What is the geographical area of India?
(A) 32.19 lakh sq km (B) 37 lakh sq km
(C) 32.87 lakh sq km (D) 35 lakh sq km
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10. World No Tobacco Day is observed on–
(A) May 31 (B) October 31
(C) June 30 (D) July 31
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11. Who played the leading role in Hindi film “Devdas” directed by Bimal Roy ?
(A) Shah Rukh Khan (B) Mofi Lal
(C) Dilip Kumar (D) K. L. Sahgat
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12. In India Plan holiday was after–
(A) China-India war of 1962 (B) Draught of 1966
(C) Pakistan war of 1971 (D) Pakistan war of 1965
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13. Which of the following is not ‘Free Trade Zone’?
(A) Kandla (B) Mumbai
(C) Vishakhapatnam (D) Trivandrum
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14. Who among the following does appoint Finance Commission?
(A) Prime Minister (B) President
(C) Ministry of Finance (D) Planning Commission
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15. Which of the following elements does have some influence on Indian administration?
(A) Federalism (B) Parliamentary Democracy
(C) Planning (D) All of the above
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16. What is the difference in local time between two places 1˚  longitude apart ?
(A) 8 minutes (B) 4 minutes
(C) 3 minutes (D) Nil
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17. Which of the following is the brightest planet ?
(A) Venus (B) Mercury
(C) Mars (D) Saturn
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18. Pouring of kerosene oil on stagnant water reduces mosquito problem because it–
(A) Interrupts the mating of adults (B) Is highly toxic to the mosquitoes
(C) Interrupts the breathing of larvae (D) Repels the mosquitoes
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19. Which of the following events occurred first ?
(A) Russian Revolution (B) American War of Independence
(C) French Revolution (D) India’s First Struggle for Independence (Sepoy Mutiny)
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20. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, who said “None will believe that a man like this body and soul ever walked on the earth” ?
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru (B) Leo Tolstoy
(C) Albert Einstein (D) Bortrand Russell
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