SSC Sub Inspector GK & General Awareness Solved Papers

Staff Selection Commission - Sub-Inspectors in DP, CAPFs & CISF 
General Knowledge & General Awareness 
(Held on August 2012)

1. Demand for labour is–
(A) Composite demand (B) Competitive demand
(C) Derived demand (D) Joint demand
Ans: (C)

2. In India, National Income estimates are prepared by–
(A) National Development Council (B) Central Statistical Organisation
(C) National Sample Survey Oraganisation (D) Planning Commission
Ans: (B)

3. Who among the following were members of the Swaraj Party ?
1. Motilal Nehru 2. Sardar Patel
3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(A) 2 and 3 (B) 1, 2 and 3
(C) 1 and 2 (D) 1 only
Ans: (D)

4. Employment in Agriculture comes under–
(A) Services Sector (B) Semi-organised Sector
(C) Organised Sector (D) Unorganised Sector
Ans: (D)

5. Which of the following methods is effective in controlling Balance of Payments (BoP)?
(A) Abolition of Export Duties (B) Tourism Development
(C)  Devaluation (D) Foreign Direct Investment
Ans: (C)

6. Provisions relating to Panchayati Raj can be found in which Schedule of the Indian Constitution ?
(A) 10 (B) 11
(C) 7 (D) 9
Ans: (B)

7. The first battle of Panipat took place in the year–
(A) 1527 A.D. (B) 1528 A.D.
(C) 1525 A.D. (D) 1526 A.D.
Ans: (D)

8. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
(A) Leader of Opposition (B) Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
(C) President (D) Vice-President
Ans: (D)

9. According to the Constitution, which Fund will be under the control of the President of India ?
(A) Contingency Fund of India (B) Public Provident Fund
(C) Consolidated Fund of India (D) State’s Consolidated Fund of India
Ans: (A)

10. Who is chosen by the members of Rajya Sabha ?
(A) President (B) Vice-President
(C) Chairperson (D) Deputy Chairman
Ans: (D)

11. Arrange the following in order, starting from the earliest–
1. Rowlatt Act 2. Regulating Act
3. Wood’s Despatch 4. Simon Commission
(A) 4, 3, 2, 1 (B) 2, 3, 1, 4
(C) 1, 3, 4, 2 (D) 2, 1, 3, 4
Ans: (B)

12.  The boundary line between India and China is called–
(A) McMahon Line (B) Red Line
(C) Radcliffe Line (D) Durand Line
Ans: (A)

13. 95% of world’s diamond reserves are found in–
(A) Ghana (B) Kimberley
(C) Johannesburg (D) Zambia
Ans: (B)

14. The most dangerous consequence of excessive deforestation is–
(A) destruction of wild animal habitats (B) soil erosion
(C) loss of forest wealth (D) loss of many valuable plants
Ans: (B)

15. “Green house effect” means–
(A) Trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide
(B) Prevention of ultra-violet radiation of ozone layer
(C) Pollution in houses in tropical region
(D) None of these
Ans: (A)

16. The most stable eco-system is–
(A) Desert (B) Ocean
(C) Forest (D) Mountain
Ans: (B)

17. An ideal example of sustainable resource is–
(A) Afforestation (B) Farming
(C) Reforestation (D) Agroforestation
Ans: (D)

18. What is the recent source of pollution of underground water ?
(A) Thermal Power Stations (B) Biogas Plants
(C) Sewage (D) Landfills
Ans: (D)

19. The Indian Prime Minister who dies in Tashkent was–
(A) Lal Bahadur Shastri (B) P. V. Narasimha Rao
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru (D) Indira Gandhi
Ans: (A)

20. What was the name of the Samaj founded by Raja Rammohan Roy ?
(A) Brahmo Samaj (B) Satya Samaj
(C) Prarthana Samaj (D) Arya Samaj
Ans: (A)

21. The man who led the Mutiny in Bihar was–
(A) Ranjit Singh (B) Pratap Singh
(C) Amar Singh (D) Kunwar Singh
Ans: (D)

22. During whose reign did Hiuen Tsang visit Kanchipuram (the capital of Pallavas) ?
(A) Mahendra Varma II (B) Narasimha Varman I
(C) Mahendra Varma (D) Rajasimha
Ans: (B)

23. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the–
(A) Caspian Sea (B) Persian Gulf
(C) Red Sea (D) Black Sea
Ans: (C)

24. Which one of the following is not a correct match ?
(A) Haldia –West Bengal (B) Kandla –Gujarat
(C) Marmagao –Goa (D) Paradeep –Assam
Ans: (D)

25. Doddabetta Peak is located in the–
(A) Anaimalai (B) Mahendragiri
(C) Nilgiris (D) Shevaroys
Ans: (C)

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