UNO and Other International Organisations - GK Questions Quiz

World Organisations-General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers

1. The Heads of Government of the countries which are members of the Commonwealth meet –
(A) Once a year (B) Biennially
(C) At intervals of three years (D) As and when necessary
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2. All of the following countries seceded at different times from the Commonwealth, except –
(A) Ireland (B) Pakistan
(C) Malaysia (D) South Africa
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3. Who among the following is the Executive Director of United Nations Children’s Fund ?
(A) Jacques Diouf (B) Juan Somavia
(C) Anthony Lake (D) George Robertson
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4. Where is the permanent secretariat of the SAARC ?
(A) Kathmandu (B) New Delhi
(C) Islamabad (D) Colombo
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5. What does BIMSTEC stand for ?
(A) Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand Economic Conference
(B) Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi–Sectoral Technical and Economic Conference
(C) Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia Scientific Technological Conference
(D) Bay of Bengal Institute of Management, Software, Telecom and Communication
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6. In which of the following years, the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15 (under Article 23) ?
(A) 1960 (B) 1965
(C) 1972 (D) 1975
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7. In which of the following years, the membership of the Economic and Social Council was increased from 27 to 54 (under article 61) ?
(A) 1963 (B) 1973
(C) 1978 (D) 1983
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8. Under which article in 1968, the number of votes required in the Security Council to convene a general conference to review the charter was increased from seven to nine ?
(A) Article 81 (B) Article 98
(C) Article 109 (D) Article 115
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9. Which of the following agencies related to the United Nations is concerned with promoting the growth of international trade and equilibrium in balance of payments ?
(A) United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
(B) International Development Association
(C) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
(D) United Nations Development Programme
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10. All of the following are the functions of the UN Trusteeship Council except –
(A) It prepares people for self–government or independence
(B) Its membership is confined to the nations who administer trust territories and some members elected by General Assembly
(C) It supervises the administration of various territories governed by nations designated by the UN as trustees
(D) Regular meetings of the Council are held twice a year
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11. The Secretary–General of the United Nations is –
(A) Kurt Waldheim (B) Boutros Ghali
(C) U Thant (D) Ban Ki–moon
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12. Who, amongst the following UN Secretary–Generals, was killed in an aircrash ?
(A) Dag Hammarskjoeld (B) U Thant
(C) Kurt Waldheim (D) None of theses
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13. The total number of Judges of the International Court of Justice is –
(A) 10 (B) 12
(C) 15 (D) 18
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14. Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council ?
(A) China (B) France
(C) United Kingdom (D) Germany
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15. The headquarters of the International Court of Justice are at –
(A) Geneva (B) The Hague
(C) Rome (D) Vienna
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16. In 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, met at Teheran primarily –
(A) To discuss the strategy to be adopted by the Allies to invade Germany
(B) To consider a common plan of action by the Allied forces against the axis powers
(C) For creating an effective instrument for maintaining international peace
(D) To work out a common line of action against Japan
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17. The General Assembly meets regularly –
(A) Once a month (B) After every three months
(C) Twice a year (D) Once a year
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18. The total number of members of UN Security Council is –
(A) 5 (B) 10
(C) 15 (D) 20
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19. The number of permanent members of the UN Security Council is –
(A) 3 (B) 4
(C) 5 (D) 6
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20. All of the following countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council, except –
(A) Britain (B) Canada
(C) China (D) France
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